The WAN Experience

The SD WANs that you are using with your business allow you the best opportunity to manage communications within your business. You may have offices in several different places around the country, and the WAN will help you consolidate communications from one office to another. This article explains how to manage your WANs, and you will learn quite a bit about cloud wans and other information on how you should manage communications between all your employees.

#1: The WAN Experience

You must set up your WAN through a local provider. The provider will create a network that connects all your offices to one another. The WAN will be secured with special software, and you may use the WAN for any purpose. It is as if you have created a communications network just for your business, and you may share that network for Internet connectivity, phone calls and conferencing. You may get more work done in a day because communication speeds have increased.

#2: The WAN Is Faster

You will receive much faster connections from the WAN than you would a traditional service. Your service provider helps you receive much faster service over the course of your contract, and you will see all your work happen more quickly. The connection speeds help with the clarity of video and phone calls, and the connection speeds help with downloads on your computers.

#3: The WAN Is Managed By Someone Else

The WAN is managed by your ISP, and the ISP ensures a proper connection and speed. You may call in at any time for help with the service, and the service may be repaired or altered by the ISP. You need not waste your time managing the service yourself, and you will discover that you may upgrade from time to time. Upgrades will make the service faster, and you may stay with the same ISP for as long as you like.

#4: Connections Are Secured

Your ISP is required to manage a secure connection for all clients, and you have the assurance that you have a secure connection. You may assure your clients that your connection is proper, and you may show documentation from the ISP that proves you have a secure connection. Every company that wishes to be totally secure may use the ISP to their advantage because you do not have the resources to spend on high-end security.

Every WAN connection you accept will help you connect your offices to one another. The offices must have a secure line of communications, and the ISP will help provide the connection you need for phone calls, Internet and conferencing.